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Our Academics

The Teaching Programme that is being followed at the Garg Classes has been carefully curated to deliver high quality results in all the subjects and competitive examinations preparations such as IIT and AIIMS. Our endeavour is to provide customized learning experience that is required for each and every students of our institute. The teaching pedagogy is more interactive and micro-focused on chapter-wise doubt clearing sessions to add value to every students acumen. 

We have a highly admired team of faculty members for all the streams that we deal in and experience that they bring to our student is just phenomenal.


Since PCM occupies an important position in various competitive examinations, so we take personal care to enhance the science learning abilities of our students.


We pay personal attention to the writing skills and practices of our students as it helps them to understand and remember things in a better way.


Since we work for shaping up careers of our students, so we prescribe adequate preparations of other important subjects as well.


We have seen students developing phobia about mathematics. Our innovative teaching methods helps to remove this phobia of our students.


We organize Educational Olympiads to identify the core strengths of each of our students and identifying their career opportunities for them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us special over other similar coaching institutions operating in the city?


Garg Classes is one of the oldest and respected brands in the city of Gwalior. There are several reasons which makes us parent’s first choice when it comes to their kid’s higher education needs: -

  • Innovative Teaching Pedagogy:  Innovation is the key to our success over the last two decades of coaching our students;

  • Personal Focus on every student: We maintain good Faculty to Student Ratio of 1:5 which makes our course delivery and success rate of our students high among the peers;

  • Not the toppers only approach: We pride ourselves for that fact that our success has not only been from the toppers that generally premier institutions look out for but also from average students who were groomed to succeed in their careers from all the three streams, i.e., Science/Commerce/Humanities. Parents can bank upon us for the successful career of their wards;

  • State of the Art Educational Infrastructure: We are the pioneers in terms of digital and smart education infrastructure for the present-day educational needs of the post COVID 19 educational world;

  • Seasoned Faculty Resource Base: We believe our faculty resource base is driven by the zeal and passion to educate each and every child who joins our institute for their higher education and mentorship needs;

  • Value for Money: Garg classes creates a perfect balance in delivering value to every parent who are concerned about the money paid for the coaching classes with respect to the educational support and excellence that we provide to their kids;

  • Success Mantra: Our success mantra is "कर्मणये वधिकारस्ते माँ फलेशु कदाचन:."

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