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Chairman's Welcome

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Garg Classes wishes you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, 2022!

A new year full of hope, opportunity, self-belief, dedication and perseverance to make it happen. In this new year, we are resolving to make a more discreet connect with our students and offer our courses in a more meaningful and relevant to the present day educational practices.

We are evolving our digital enablement in such a way that it facilitates us to reach every corners of the city and offer our coaching services to remotest student that we have in our institution. During this pandemic times, education is something that was hardly hit and had us to rethink our coaching methodology according to needs and circumstances of the present day environment. The whole of 2021 was when we designed our courses delivery mechanism and make the best use of technology to foster our students preparedness for their growth and excellence in their respective careers.

Er Neeraj Garg, Chairman

Team Garg Classes

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Dr. Shilpa Garg
Mr. Divesh Sharma
Narendra Verma
Satendra S. Chauhan
Dilip Goyal


Commerce & Humanities 

Centre Head

Sr. Manager

HR & Management Head

Computer Deptt.

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Vidhi Pal
Kamya Shrivastav
Nidhi Tiwari
Mohit Saraswat
Pushpendra Yadav




Faculty (SST)

Faculty (Maths & Science)

The Team
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